Saturday, December 17, 2011

Chicken and Noodles

So I couldn't wait to share now that I have gotten back on here. So here is the recipe that my DD5 thought was AWESOME!

Chicken and noodles is a wonderful standard meal. Why hadn't I thought of this before?

We went to my parents for Thanksgiving. My mom and I were trying to plan the meals for the time we were going to be there so we could decide if we needed to go to the store. Well, anytime I am with my mom, I think of chicken and noodles. It is one of her favorites. So, we went through the ingredients and, yep, everything is on the YES list. Now why did this take so long to register? Well, my daughter loved it.

It is now about 3 weeks later and I was thinking about dinner while doing some Christmas shopping. I am normally better about my dinner planning but I had been lazy lately. I was thinking of my mom and chicken and noodles popped to mind. So, when I got home I got the chicken out of the freezer and got dinner started. It was a HUGE hit. The words awesome, yummy, good, love, and more were said over and over. Why didn't I think of this one before? She even asked if I had made enough for leftovers for tomorrow. (I had. She was happy.)

So, on to the recipe. (Don't forget that I do a lot of "whatever I have on hand"! Substitute where needed.)

2 large chicken breasts (provided about 3 cups of meat after it was cooked)
6 C water
Spices & seasonings: salt, thyme, parsley, basil
4 large carrots
1 C frozen peas (or whatever amount you have of whatever veggie you have leftover)
8 oz mini shell noodles, uncooked (or whatever shape and size you want; the ones I used were egg free)
3 T flour
water to make a paste with flour (you want it kind of liquidy but I forgot to measure this; I always just eyeball it)

Put the frozen or thawed chicken into a stockpot with the water. Add your spices and seasonings, about a palm full of each. Bring the water to a boil and then turn down the heat to a slow boil. Let it cook until the chicken is done (about 40 minutes for frozen; about 20 minutes for thawed). Add the carrots and let cook for another 10 minutes. Remove the chicken and shred.  While you are shredding the chicken, add the noodles. Let cook until the noodles are done, adding your veggies about 5 minutes before your noodles are done and the chicken whenever you get it shredded. Make a paste from the flour and water. Add it to the pot, stirring to help prevent lumps. This will thicken it up just a bit and make it yummier!

All done. Spoon it up and serve with bread, rolls, crackers, or nothing at all. And, enjoy more Food In The World of YES!

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