Saturday, January 28, 2012


We have had quite a time with allergies lately. Beginning back before Christmas, the allergy season kicked in full force for most of the family. Louisa has had it the hardest though. Some medicine changes have helped but not to the extent we would like. Thus it leaves me back here. Food. What can we change? What can we not change? Are we missing something? Why the tummy aches again, often, after so much time without them?

I don't know what our answer is going to be but I do know that my first response is food. Food. Ugh. We all love food and we are doing really well managing the allergens but it is next to impossible to stay away completely.

Soy, for example. In Everything! And I do mean everything. Even lunchmeats can have soy in them. Luckily this is her lowest level allergen but...with everything else flaring we need to cut it out. I haven't figured out how. If only I knew. That might make a difference.

Milk is another. There are a million and a half names for milk products. Again, it is in everything except fresh fruit and veggies, it seems. And this seems to be an allergen that affects her quickly and easily. So hard to avoid.

Potatoes, eggs, peanuts, beef, pork and tomotoes are not a big hassle to avoid, as long as we eat at home. Now if there is something special at church, that is another story. We have several folks at church that try to bring something that she can eat. They are so thoughtful! But, as a 5 year old, she misses getting to go birthday parties without worrying about the cake or ice cream or pizza. And, she really misses eating out. We do go to Sonic or McDonalds some but have noticed her body not accepting these foods as easily lately. (BTW - These two places, last I checked, do not have milk products in their chicken strips or nuggets. And they offer apples instead of fries. Thus the reason we go there.)

How do you answer a 5 year old who sincerely cries "I just want to be normal again."? I don't know and my heart is breaking. Her sisters are super with her and can help her get over this but her mama is not doing so well.

This is not necessarily a helpful post but one I needed to get out there. Just for me. The positive will come back but for now, this is where I am. Searching each day for more answers and remembering, above all, that today belongs to God and His will. I was reminded this morning of something Becky Blackmon says: Give God today, every day, or satan will take it. May I always remember that and give God each day, every day.


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  1. Meal ideas:
    1. chick on a stick: chicken kabobs on the grill -- pearl onion, chicken, zucchini, pineapple. Brush with olive oil and almond butter or lemon and garlic and put it on the grill. You can eat this outside.
    2. chicken with garlic: cut up several cloves of garlic and add fresh rosemary.
    3: rollups: turkey, shredded carrots, shredded salad, raisins. Instead of mixing them up, put a bunch here and there so it looks like millefiori and is colorful