Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Dinner Menu

Dinner the other evening was a success. Of course, when I choose sausage, it is seldom anything else. The girls all love sausage. Usually, I just cut up the smoked sausage links and brown the pieces in a skillet. I needed something different though.

I took the turkey sausage, about 14 ounces, and boiled it with the juice from a large can of pineapple chunks. It turned out sweet, with a nice citrus flavor, without being overwhelmingly pineapple-y. I just simmered it until the rest of the dinner was ready and the sausage was heated through.

So our menu was this:
  • turkey smoked sausage boiled in pineapple juice
  • canned pineapple
  • sliced red bell peppers and cucumbers
  • black beans (prepared ahead and frozen, then thawed for this dinner)
  • carrots and broccoli (from a bag of frozen veggies)
That's all. It was simple and easy because much of the prep work had been done ahead of time. I seem to get bogged down in side dishes a lot of the time but these ended up being quick. I will have to remember this menu.

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